WikiLeaks / Stratfor on Gülen, Doğan Media Group, & AKP

Concerning AKP – Gulen relationship: Gulen officially supports a political party for the first time. However, Erdogan doesn’t like him (or hates him). The entire relationship is based on mutual interests. Gulen needs a powerful political party, AKP needs broad political support. They had a major dispute over Ergenekon. At a certain point, Erdogan thought that things might get screwed and wanted to back down a bit. But Gulen insisted on deepening the probe. In the past, the entire rhetoric of the comm. was based on “tolerance”. But now, they don’t show mercy for those who don’t support them. They show target and destroy. Community acts more aggressively. Continue reading “WikiLeaks / Stratfor on Gülen, Doğan Media Group, & AKP”

Erdoğan Denied German ‘Tolerance’ Award As Protesters Equate Him With Hitler

Alexander Dobrindt, general secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU), which is part of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right coalition government, said it would be more appropriate to award Erdogan a prize for intolerance.

Source: Reuters 17 Mar 2012 12:22

ACCORDING TO REPORTS, SOME 25,000 (AFP & Euronews) to 30,000 (Reuters) people from Kurdish, Armenian and Alevi groups protested in Germany on Saturday, 17 March, against awarding the Turkish prime minister with a German prize for “humanity and tolerance”. The official word from Ankara was that PM Erdoğan would not be attending the award ceremony in person, in the German town of Bochum, due to a NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan causing the deaths of 12 Turkish soldiers.

The plan to hand Erdogan the 2012 Steiger Award had been heavily criticized in Germany, where Turkish authorities have been accused of human rights abuses, notably against the minority Kurdish population.
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Do You Get It Now Why Kurdish Kids Throw Stones?

A SHOCKING INDICTMENT on the treatment of Kurdish children by Turkish prison officials in Southeastern Turkey in the 90s. The following excerpt is from the book Not As You Know It (“Bildiğin Gibi Değil”), part of a hard-hitting article translated into English by blogger and writer Stratos Moraitis in The Globe Times:

Then they took me away. They said, “Let’s play a game.” We have our ‘virginity report’ since they have taken us to the hospital previously. They cannot do anything to us on the front since we are virgins. But on the behind, all the time. They had bottles and such. “Do you want us to blow the bottle inside?” or “Let’s break it down.” They used to do that in a country, I don’t remember which. They used to break it inside. I’m telling you sincerely, “Let’s play the bottle game” they said. My behind was actually split off. My nipple tore off. When I got out, we had it stitched. But no milk comes off on that side. I have only two pores left. And they are not on the center. They burned me with cigarette butts. I still have the scars. I first saw how low a man can get over there. I saw there how low men can get even before I met any man… These were the nationalists, the guards of the state. Our backs bled all the time…

… We heard a terrible scream from across the room. A little girl. Her scream is terrible. We cannot make it out. She was nine or ten years old. She was a kid compared to us. She didn’t even have breasts. We hear them saying “Hazal do you enjoy that?” Continue reading “Do You Get It Now Why Kurdish Kids Throw Stones?”

Stratfor: Erdoğan Has Colon Cancer, 2 Years To Live

TR325’s business partner has an old classmate friend who was the lead surgeon on Erdogan’s most recent operation. He said that Erdogan has colon cancer, but they haven’t seen the second biopsy results yet to see if it’s metastasized. In the last operation, they cut out 20 cm of Erdogan’s colon (I just looked up that the average colon is about 1.5m long.) That’s a really significant operation. Erdogan is not going to be able to travel for a while, and he’s going to have to carry around with him a colonoscopy bag for at least 2-3 months. The prognosis is not looking good, though. The surgeon said they were estimating 2 years for him.

THE HARD-HITTING LIBERAL TURKISH newspaper Taraf dropped this bombshell yesterday, headlined ‘Stratfor Set Time Limit on Erdoğan’s Life’. Partnered with WikiLeaks‘ latest anti-secrecy missive, the Global Intelligence Files — a 50-million-strong batch of emails hacked from Stratfor, the U.S. private intelligence agency also referred to as “the shadow CIA” — the piece appeared to clear up some of the mystery surrounding Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan’s operation in late November last year for a “stomach condition“. Continue reading “Stratfor: Erdoğan Has Colon Cancer, 2 Years To Live”

Turkish Courts Support Freedom Of Speech (???)

GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE, but only on a technicality:

Pop singer Murat Boz wanted to sue a Twitter user after the person allegedly posted insulting messages about him. But the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office declared that it had no authority to follow up on the complaint as they could not obtain the IP address of the user due to the lack of a relevant agreement between Turkey and the United States, where Twitter user data is kept.

Read more from the Hürriyet Daily News here.

Screenshot from Hürriyet Daily News.

Interestingly, the photo caption on HDN reads “Popo singer Murat Boz…” — Now what’s “popo” Turkish for?

RedHack: Turkish Police Secret Password Is 123456

“One of the passwords needed to access the secret documents was 123456,” the RedHack member said. “The question is, how serious can a police force be if they save secret files with a password like 123456?”

Exactly. Read more from the Hürriyet Daily News here.