Turkish Blogger Faces 2 Years In Jail For ‘Insulting’ PM Erdoğan

IT’S BEEN A BUSY year already for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Strutting around on the world stage, the world leader who was one of the first to tell embattled Egyptian President Mubarak to “take a different step” appears to be doing an entirely different dance at home. The month of January alone saw football fans booing his arrival at a newly opened stadium on the 15th, followed by the PM swiftly staging his own protest and walking out. Around the same time came a very open spat with the editor-in-chief of a usually supportive liberal daily, resulting in an enraged Erdoğan suing said editor. Then on the 21st, the trial of an Istanbul theatre group, mostly students, kicked off with the central complaint revolving around their performance of a song titled “The Tayyip Blues”. And now February brings the news, published in leading Turkish daily Radikal on the 5th, that the latest target of Erdoğan’s ire appears to be a Turkish blogger; or, more specifically, a post the young blogger wrote last September, which not long ago floated silently around the vastness of the World Wide Web. Continue reading “Turkish Blogger Faces 2 Years In Jail For ‘Insulting’ PM Erdoğan”