Climbing Over The Great Firewall

FOR THOSE INTERNET users based in Turkey wishing to access any WordPress (WP) blog a useful workaround has appeared. The mysterious and bilingual has set up a proxy service to enable WP visitors to bypass the block. All the visitor has to do is replace the word “press” with the word “prexy.” For example, “” becomes “” The only difference visually is that a “wordprexy” logo appears in the top right hand corner of the screen, linking to the Great Firewall site, where an explanation is at hand on what they’ve done: Continue reading “Climbing Over The Great Firewall”

Déjà Vu: YouTube Blocked In Turkey Again

CENSORSHIP APPEARS TO BE rapidly increasing in Turkey as YouTube was blocked for the second time yesterday, reports MidEast Youth, just six months after a similar move by the Turkish courts. Back in March of this year, it was due to videos posted by Greek users posting videos deemed to have insulted the country’s founder, Atatürk. This time around, a single citizen from the eastern city of Sivas complained that the site was hosting videos that apparently insult both sides of the Turkish political divide — from recently elected President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, both of the Islamic-rooted AK Party, to, again, the Republic’s founder as well as the Turkish Armed Forces. All of these figures are protected by the Turkish Penal Code. Continue reading “Déjà Vu: YouTube Blocked In Turkey Again”

‘We Will Never Limit Turkish Bloggers’ Freedom of Speech’

WORDPRESS (WP) BOSS MATT Mullenweg has said in a recent interview that he would never limit the right of Turkish bloggers to express themselves. The show of defiance comes amidst the continuing “firestorm of criticism,” as Internet observers have described it, aimed at the ongoing block of WP on Turkish soil. In the interview, published online in Turkish on the Turkish Internet industry portal, the 23-year-old WP founder developer estimates that there are some 20 to 30 thousand bloggers in Turkey affected by the ban. Turkish and expat bloggers, as well as their regular readers, have been greeted with the message that the entire WP site “has been suspended in accordance with [court] decision no: 2007/195,” since the private-but-monopoly Turk Telekom telephone company enforced the court order over two weeks ago. Continue reading “‘We Will Never Limit Turkish Bloggers’ Freedom of Speech’”