Now It’s CNN: Blocked in Turkey!

I’M SURE YOU are all getting sick of these headlines, “(Insert Web site here) blocked in Turkey!” In fact, I’m even sicker writing them. But yes, this one’s true too. Although, to be more precise, the CNN Political Ticker blog, to be found on the site — i.e., not the whole of — is blocked in Turkey. The very same message that appears when visiting any WordPress (WP) blog, or the Yahoo-owned Flickr Blog as also recently reported, comes up for the Political Ticker: “Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance.” Which, of course, means it is the subject of the same private “defamation” court order enacted by one infamous Adnan Oktar. Continue reading “Now It’s CNN: Blocked in Turkey!”

Oktar Lawyers Issue ‘Threat’

IN THE LATEST TWIST to the ongoing saga of the nationwide block of in Turkey, WordPress (WP) founder Matt Mullenweg has published highlights from latest statements made by the lawyers who initiated the ban. The parts of the “press release” posted on Mullenweg’s own blog on Aug. 25, and issued by the lawyers representing controversial Islamic creationist Adnan Oktar — the man behind the ban on claims of slanderous blogs on WP — appear to go beyond the normal rhetoric of the legal world in justifying their actions on behalf of their client, not to mention being poorly worded in English. Continue reading “Oktar Lawyers Issue ‘Threat’”

Now It’s Flickr Blog Blocked

FOLLOWING IN THE WAKE of the nationwide WordPress (WP) block in Turkey, readers and writers alike from within the republic’s borders are being greeted by the same message when attempting to access “Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance.”

Considering the exact same wording as those trying to access WP in Turkey, it would appear that the blog companion site to the well-known Yahoo-owned photo-sharing Flickr is also the subject of the same court order. As WP founding developer Matt Mullenweg recently revealed on the WP site, the WP block in Turkey is the result of a a private “defamation” case issued by controversial Turkish religious leader Adnan Oktar.

Petition Launched To Unblock WordPress In Turkey

WITH THE WORDPRESS BLOCK in Turkey showing no signs of abating, the MidEast Youth project has launched a petition urging the Turkish authorities to reconsider their ban. The fourth largest blog site in the world boasting nearly 1.4 million blogs, with 12 million page views per month coming from Turkish readers alone, is currently the subject of a nationwide block due to a private “defamation” lawsuit by controversial religious leader Adnan Oktar. Continue reading “Petition Launched To Unblock WordPress In Turkey”

First Sign Of Islamist Censorship In Secular Turkey?

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND HUMAN rights lawyer and WordPress blogger Ali Eteraz has written a revealing and in-depth analysis of the Turkish legal system’s nationwide block on The report titled “Shooting the messenger,” and posted on the UK daily Guardian Internet edition, details the rise of Adnan Oktar — pen-name Harun Yahya — the Islamic creationist behind the current block of the “million-blogger strong blogging platform” within the borders of Turkey.

As well as listing Adnan Oktar’s publications on “topics including refutations of atheism and Darwinism, romanticism as a weapon of Satan, anti-evolution pseudo-science, affirmation of miracles, and attacks on Freemasonry, Zionists, Buddhists, and terrorism (Darwin’s fault),” Eteraz draws attention to his 1996 book “Holocaust Lies” which claims that “what is presented as [the] Holocaust is the death of some Jews due to the typhus plague during the war and the famine towards the end of the war caused by the defeat of the German[s].” Continue reading “First Sign Of Islamist Censorship In Secular Turkey?”

Islamic Creationist Blocks WordPress In Turkey

WITH WORDPRESS STILL blocked in Turkey, WordPress founding developer Matthew Mullenweg has received a letter from the person claiming to be responsible for the block and posted it on his own WP blog. The thrust of the somewhat absurd issue is that lawyers, acting on behalf of one Adnan Oktar, have applied to the courts to have the internationally well-known free blog site blocked in Turkey on the grounds of “defamation” of their client. Adnan Oktar is an Islamic creationist, also a subject of prosecution in the Turkish legal system, as well as much controversy for his published views railing against Darwinism, Semitism and Buddhism among other established belief systems. You can follow the reponse to Matt’s publication of the letter by clicking here.