HDN: RedHack Leaks Turkish Army Staff Documents

FIRST THE POLICE, then just about any government ministry you care to mention, now Turkey’s crack hacking force RedHack have broken into databases of NATO’s 2nd largest army, the Turkish Armed Forces.

Leaked into the public domain via Twitter Tuesday morning (12 June), the link to Google Docs detailed army personnel of the 2nd Commando Brigade.

According to the Hürriyet Daily News, who finally broke the story in English by Tues. evening, RedHack also explained their intention behind the leak:

“Think of what foreign agencies are capable of achieving if we were able to obtain this list. Here is a small example of the situation the country’s protectors are in.”

The group continued their message, saying: “We will criticize – in our own way – an army that chose so stubbornly not to give rights to its non-commissioned officers and denied U.S. involvement in the Uludere massacre. The sons of ranking officers [in this army] are sent to study abroad while conscripts are made to march toward certain death.”

RedHack continued to say that the Turkish Armed Forces chose to be “an army of the United States instead of an army of the [Turkish] people.”

The hacking group added they did not publicize any information that could put the military personnel in danger. “What we have made public is what was already known to foreign [intelligence] services and to the [Fethullah Gülen] community. We are on the side of the people and the righteous,” the message from RedHack said.

Source: HDN: RedHack Leaks Turkish Army Staff Documents

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